Questions on Mechanical Engineering

Questions on Mechanical Engineering

1-Hydraulic ram works on the principle of

(A) positive displacement action

(B) centrifugal action

(C) reciprocating action

(D) inertia force of water in the supply line

2-Hydraulic intensifier is used for

(A) storing energy of a fluid in the form of pressure energy

(B) increasing the pressure intensity of a liquid

(C) transfer and lift heavy loads

(D) augment the supply of water

3-The capacity of a hydraulic accumulator is defined as:

(A) maximum amount of energy it can store

(B) maximum discharge which can deliver

(C) the volume of liquid which can store

(D) the maximum height to which it is capable of lifting the liquid

4-The pump to be used for pumping highly viscous fluids belongs to

(A) screw pump

(B) turbine pump

(C) centrifugal pump

(D) plunger pump

5-A direction control valve designated by DC 3/2 implies:

(A) 3 position and 2 port

(B) 3 port and 2 positions

(C) 3 supply port and 2 exhaust port

(D) 3 exhaust port and 2 supply ports

6-The function of check valve is:

(A) to allow the flow of fluid in one direction only

(B) to allow the flow of fluid in both directions

(C) to regulate the flow

(D) to check the flow

7-A simply supported beam of span 10 m carrying a concentrated load of 1000 N at the mid span will have the maximum bending moment of

(A) 10000 Nm

(B) 5000 Nm

(C) 2500 Nm

(D) 500 Nm

8-The ratio of maximum shear stress to average shear stress for a beam with circular section is:

(A) 3:1

(B) 2:1

(C) 3:2

(D) 4:3

9-When a closed coiled spring is subjected to axial load, its axial deflection is directly proportional to

(A) Diameter of the wire

(B) Modulus of rigidity of the spring material

(C) Modulus of elasticity of the spring material

(D) Mean radius of the coil of the spring

10-A universal joint is an example of

(A) higher pair

(B) lower pair

(C) rolling pair

(D) sliding pair


1-(D), 2-(B), 3-(A), 4-(A), 5-(B), 6-(A), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(D), 10-(B)

11-Coriolis component of acceleration is always:

(A) parallel to the link

(B) perpendicular to the link

(C) radially outward along the link

(D) coincide with the axis of link

12-Axial thrust is minimum in case of  

(A) helical gear

(B) bevel gear

(C) double helical gear

(D) miter gear

13-Whenever the follower moves with simple harmonic motion, the velocity diagram is:

(A) parabolic

(B) sinusoidal

(C) hyperbolic

(D) cosine curve

14-In case of multi-disc clutch, if there are 3 discs on the driving shaft and 2 disc on the driven shaft, then the total number of pairs of contacting surfaces is equal to

(A) 1

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

15-A key connecting to a flange coupling to a shaft likely to fail in

(A) tension

(B) shear

(C) torsion

(D) bending

16-Second law of thermodynamics defines a property known as:

(A) internal energy

(B) entropy

(C) temperature

(D) enthalpy

17-The entropy change in a reversible adiabatic process is

(A) zero

(B) < 0

(C) > 0

(D) ≤ 0

18-The efficiency of a Carnot cycle operating between the temperature limits of 327° and 27° is:

(A) 92%

(B) 60%

(C) 50%

(D) 70%

19-Which of the following processes is not associated with Diesel cycle?

(A) Constant volume

(B) constant pressure

(C) adiabatic

(D) isothermal

20-Morse test is conducted only on:

(A) variable speed engine

(B) low power engine

(C) multi-cylinder engine

(D) water cooled engine


11-(B), 12-(C), 13-(B), 14-(B), 15-(B), 16-(B), 17-(A), 18-(A), 19-(A), 20-(C)