Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MCQ Questions

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MCQ Questions

1-One ton of refrigeration is equal to

(A) 21 KJ/min

(B) 105 KJ/min

(C) 210 KJ/min

(D) 420 KJ/min


2-A low side float valve maintains the level of refrigerant in

(A) Flooded evaporator

(B) Evaporator

(C) Condenser

(D) Compressor


3-When wet bulb and dry bulb temperature are equal the humidity is

(A) 60%

(B) 80%

(C) 90%

(D) 100%


4-The refrigerant used in water cooler is

(A) R21

(B) R22

(C) R134a

(D) R717


5-The thermostat used for the window type air conditioner is set at:

(A) 65°F

(B) 75°F

(C) 80°F

(D) 85°F


6-Name the temperature at which moisture condenses on a surface:

(A) Relative humidity

(B) Grains of moisture

(C) Dew point temperature

(D) Humidity


7-A compressor externally coupled to a motor is called

(A) Open type compressor

(B) Semi-sealed compressor

(C) Hermitically sealed compressor

(D) None of the above


8-Brine solution density is checked by

(A) Tachometer

(B) Anemometer

(C) Barometer

(D) Hydrometer


9-Compressor used in Window Air Conditioner is

(A) Rotary compressor

(B) Reciprocating compressor

(C) Sealed compressor

(D) Open type compressor


10-Following is the heart of refrigeration system

(A) Condenser

(B) Evaporator

(C) Compressor

(D) None of the above



1-(C), 2-(A), 3-(D), 4-(B), 5-(B), 6-(C), 7-(C), 8-(D), 9-(A), 10-(C)