Roles of Industrial Engineer

Roles of Industrial Engineer:

An industrial engineer plays a very  important role in the  industry. The following are the various roles and  functions of an industrial engineer.

Motivator –  To inspire and be a driving force  for each team member or the team itself for performing their job / task.

Activist – To take action to complete a  process or to proceed with a certain approach.

Decision maker – To make a final selection from amongst the various alternatives

Expert – To act as a resource person or specialist for providing  some special knowledge or skill.

Measurer –To lay out a particular design on the basis of which evaluation would be done later on.

Project Manager – To plan, procure, monitor and execute various aspects of a  project or a task.

Planner / Designer – To coordinate, plan and design for a particular area of activity.

Analyst – To analyse / examine something and thereafter give opinions about it. The area of analysis may include price, customer, finances or competitor etc.

Innovator / Inventor – To be a pathfinder or front runner for developing new ideas, design, products or create  technological solution.

Data gatherer – To collect / gather information / data in the form of series of observations, measurements or facts in an attempt to perform better within the said limits or resources.

Boundary spanner – To  perform the role of linking the organization’s internal networks with the external sources if information.

Coordinator and Integrator – To make different groups work together in an organized manner.

Trainer / Educator – To provide instructions on how to perform a  particular job or  skill well.

Negotiator – To deal with others in official discussions in order to reach an agreement.

Advisor/Consultant – To provide independent  expert advice or knowledge.