Safety precautions in a workshop

Safety precautions in a workshop:

– Machine should be operated by an authorized and trained operator.

– Do not try to stop the running machine with your hand. Keep your body away from the moving parts. Stop machine before attempting to clean, removing work-piece or tool.

– Operator should wear overcoat or apron while working on a machine. Always wear shoes while operating a machine.

– Do not talk to anyone while working on the machine. Always concentrate on your work.

– Do not oil, adjust, repair or clean any machine while it is running.

– Do not run on the shop floor. The shop floor should be kept clean and clear of oil, grease, chips and waste material.

– All tools, raw material and finished product must be kept at their designated places.

– Never wear loose fitting clothes while working in the workshop. Do not lean against the machines. Avoid wearing wrist watch and jewelry while working on the machine.

– All guards must be in place while operating a machine. Replace or repair the faulty guards immediately. Chip breakers and chip guards should be used for machining ductile material.

– Keep work area neat and clean. There should not be any unwanted tool, chips and scrap material lying in the area. Remove them as soon as possible. Do not try to remove chips from the machine with your bare hands as this can cause injury.  

– The work area should be properly ventilated. Always work in proper lighting. Favorable environment should be provided for working.

– There should be a good first aid box placed at an easily accessible place.

– Work piece and cutting tool should be held securely on the machine before working.

– Right type of fire extinguisher should be mounted at an easily accessible place.

– Wash your hands properly after working on the machine to remove dirt and oil.