Sahara desert – The hottest desert

World largest hot Sahara desert is in Africa cover largest part of north Africa

• An area of 8.5 million square kilometre.

• It touch 11 countries – Algeria, Chad, Egypt , Libya , Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia , Western Sahara.

• Al Aziza in Sahara desert, south of Tripoli Libya, recorded highest Temperature of 57.7degree C (in 1922).

• Climate – scorching hot and Parch dry.

• Short rainy season and clear sky.

• Temperature during day time as high as 50 degree C.

• Temperature during night may be freezing cold with temperature near 0 degree

  • Vegetation – cactus, date palm, acacia
  • In some places oasis found green island with date palm
  • Animals – camels, hyenas, jackals, foxes, scorpions and many species of snake and lizards
  • This area is inhabited by Bedouins and Tuaregs nomadic tribes, rears livestock such as goat ,sheep and camel horses
  • Oasis in Sahara and Nile valley in Egypt supports settled population.
  • Crops – rice, wheat, barley beans are also grown
  • Egyptian cotton, famous worldwide grown in Egypt.
  • Scientist found skeletons of fishes in this desert.
  • Tafilalet oasis in morocco is a large oasis with an area of about 13000 sq km
  • Several changes – camels are replaced by trucks for salt trade, nomadic herdsman finding jobs in oil and gas operations
  • Tuaregs act as a guide for tourist