Sources of Recruitment

Sources of Recruitment:

Recruitment is the process of finding a suitable and prospective employee for doing a particular job or function in an organization. There are different types of sources of recruitment

1-Internal Sources: There are mainly two sources of internal recruitment i.e. transfers and promotions.

1.1-Transfers: The existing employee of the organization can be shifted from one department to another or from job to another. It is the horizontal movement of employees. It must be ensured that the employee to be transferred should be capable of performing the duties of assigned job.  

1.2-Promotions: It involves shifting an existing employee at lower position to a higher position. This practice helps in boosting the morale of employees. The employees are motivated to improve their performance. This practice is generally followed by business enterprises.

2-External Sources: It is not possible to fill all vacancies through internal recruitment so the organization has to look at the external sources of recruitment also. The commonly used methods of external recruitment are.

2.1-Direct recruitment: In this process, a notice is placed on notice board of the organization, specifying the job details. This method is adopted to fill casual vacancies of semiskilled or unskilled workers. It is an inexpensive method of recruitment.

2.2-Advertisements: This method is generally used to fill the higher positions in an organization. Advertisement is given by the firm in newspaper or journal regarding the job profile of candidate.

2.3-Employment Exchange: Employment exchanges act as a link between employers and job seekers.

2.4-Placement agencies and Consultants: These Placement agencies maintains bio-data of large number of candidates. They provide service in matching personnel demand and supply.    

2.5-Campus Recruitment: It is a popular method for recruiting qualified person for technical, professional and management jobs.

2.6-Labor Contractors: The workers are recruited through an intermediate person known as contractors. They can provide required number of unskilled workers at short notice.

2.7-Online sources: It is one of the most popular source these days. There are certain dedicated websites specially designed for such work.