Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Synonyms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Choose the synonym for the underlined word

1-She managed to mollify the angry customer.

(A) avenge

(B) appease

(C) ignore

(D) book


2-Iran also faces Japan as they vie for the Asian Seat.

(A) conspire

(B) collaborate

(C) compete

(D) consent


3-His remarks have become trite.

(A) reference

(B) illogical

(C) sharp

(D) hackneyed


4-Sporadic events of violence were reported on the bandh day.

(A) Scattered

(B) Communal

(C) Frequent

(D) Irksome


5-The politician defied public opinion.

(A) flout

(B) abide

(C) follow

(D) agree


6-The interest of the team gradually waned in the project.

(A) diminished

(B) waxed

(C) roused

(D) heightened


7-I am trying my best to overcome my aversion.

(A) like

(B) abhorrence

(C) attraction

(D) conciliation


8-This may be seen as an attempt to gag the press.

(A) influence

(B) silence

(C) accede

(D) buy


9-Shakespeare said, ‘‘Frailty thy name is woman.’’

(A) Weakness

(B) Strength

(C) Opportunity

(D) Threat


10-The apathy was quite evident in his Behaviour.

(A) favoritism

(B) indifference

(C) laziness

(D) dislike


11-It is not required to give scrupulous attention to the details.

(A) casual

(B) light

(C) careful

(D) brutal


12-He is a corpulent gentleman.

(A) fat

(B) weak

(C) active

(D) lazy


13-What is the year of your superannuation?

(A) retirement

(B) next promotion

(C) transfer

(D) entry


14-I argued this point with him but he was obdurate.

(A) uninterested

(B) gentle

(C) stubborn

(D) passionate


15-The competitive telecom rates have taken away brevity from phone conversations.

(A) voracious

(B) cheerful

(C) conceit

(D) conciseness



1-(B), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(A), 5-(A), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(B), 9-(A), 10-(C), 11-(C), 12-(A), 13-(A), 14-(C), 15-(D)