The purpose of turbocharger is to increase the amount of air entering the combustion chamber of a diesel engine. The air entering the chamber is compressed with the help of turbocharger so that more air can enter the chamber. More air means that more fuel can be added and more is the power generated by the engine.

The turbocharger utilizes the energy of the exhaust gases of internal combustion engine to run a turbine and its output is utilized to drive the supercharger (compressor).

  • The turbocharger comprises of turbine and compressor. The turbine is connected to compressor through steel shaft.

  • The exhaust gases from engine are passed through the turbine blades. The energy in the exhaust gases runs the turbine blades.

  • The turbine runs the supercharger through shaft. The air to be drawn to combustion chamber is passed through the supercharger and hence compressed.

  • The system is useful for multi cylinder engines having four or more cylinders.

  • turbocharger


    Turbocharging and intercooling – The temperature of air rises during compression which decreases its density and hence the mass of air entering the chamber. The air is cooled before entering the chamber with the help of a heat exchanger (after cooler). This increases the density of air and hence boosts the power of an engine.