Wheels and tires

Wheels: The main function of the wheel is to support the weight of the vehicles and the passengers. It also resists the hard knocks and accidental damage. The tires should be strong enough to resist the various forces acting on it and light enough to enable the Tyre to follow the contour of the road. The wheels should fulfill the following requirements.

– They should be strong enough to bear all the loads acting in all the directions.

– They should be easy to change and easy to clean.

– They should be statically and dynamically balanced.

– They should be light in weight.

There are mainly three types of wheels which are in use nowadays.

1. Light alloy wheels.        2. Wheels with steel wire spokes.        3. Pressed steel disc wheels.

Tires: Tires are used to carry the vehicle load and to provide a cushioning action absorbing flexing actions. While the wheel is turning on the road it prevents the vehicle to over steer. It should have better grip while applying the brake both in dry and wet conditions.

Types of tires:

1. Tube tyre          2. Tubeless tyre