World Geography Questions and Answers

World Geography Questions and Answers

1-‘P’ and ‘S’ waves are related to

(a) Earthquakes

(b) Ocean Currents

(c) Radiation

(d) Tides

2-‘NiFe’ refers to

(a) Outermost layer of the Earth

(b) Intermediate layer of the Earth

(c) Innermost layer of the Earth

(d) None of these

3-Where are ‘drip-stones’ found ?

(a) In glacial region

(b) In karst region

(c) In desert region

(d) In flood plain

4-Which of the following denotes the ratio between the total population and arable land of region?

(a) Agricultural density

(b) Physiological density

(c) Economic density

(d) Arithmetic density

5-Who of the following is associated with ‘Nebular hypothesis’ ?

(a) Laplace

(b) Kant

(c) Jean & Jaffery

(d) Buffon

6-What type of rock is ‘conglomerate’ ?

(a) Igneous

(b) Metamorphic

(c) Sedimentary

(d) None of these

7-Which of the following soils develops on crystalline igneous rocks in areas of low rainfall ?

(a) Alluvial soils

(b) Black soils

(c) Laterite soils

(d) Red and yellow soils

8-Which of the following separates India and Sri Lanka ?

(a) Java Strait

(b) Palk Strait

(c) Sunda Strait

(d) Ten Degree Channel

9-Who proposed the ‘stop and go’ determinism ?

(a) G. Taylor

(b) Demangeon

(c) C. Ritter

(d) Vidal de la Blache

10-Griffith Taylor is associated with

(a) Determinism

(b) Neo-determinism

(c) Possibilism

(d) Probabilism

11-Pygmies are the dwellers of

(a) Amazon Basin

(b) Congo Basin

(c) Kalahari Desert

(d) Sri Lanka

12-Which of the following countries is not included in NAFTA ?

(a) Canada

(b) Mexico

(c) Cuba

(d) U.S.A.

13-Who said : ‘Man is the product of earth surface’ ?

(a) Carl Ritter

(b) E.C. Semple

(c) F. Ratzel

(d) Vidal de la Blache

14-By which tribe ‘sledge’ is used as a means of transport ?

(a) Bushman

(b) Eskimos

(c) Nagas

(d) Pygmies

15-In which of the following latitudinal belts more than 50% of the world’s population is settled ?

(a) 0° – 20° North

(b) 0° – 20° South

(c) 20° – 40° North

(d) 40° – 60° North

16-Panama Canal connects :

(a) Caribbean Sea – Bay of Mexico

(b) Atlantic Ocean – Indian Ocean

(c) Pacific Ocean – Indian Ocean

(d) Pacific Ocean – Atlantic Ocean

17-Which of the following factors affect the human beings the most ?

(a) Landforms

(b) Soil

(c) Climate

(d) Minerals

18-Which of the following is the busiest oceanic route ?

(a) North Atlantic Route

(b) Suez Canal Route

(c) Panama Canal Route

(d) Cape of Good Hope Route

19-Dogger Bank is situated :

(a) East of England

(b) Near Sri Lanka

(c) Near Newfoundland

(d) Near Japan Sea

20-The problem of over-population may be solved by

(a) Agricultural production

(b) Family planning

(c) Industrial development

(d) All of these

21-By which name is the equatorial forest of Brazil known ?

(a) Chaparal

(b) Fezenda

(c) Pampas

(d) Selvas

22-Which country’s iron and steel production region is known as ‘Black Country’ ?

(a) China

(b) Great Britain

(c) India

(d) Russia

23-Which one of the following is not a founder members of OPEC ?

(a) Australia

(b) Iran

(c) Iraq

(d) Saudi Arabia

24-Which of the following is the main reason for upper atmospheric inversion of temperature ?

(a) Presence of ozone gas

(b) Earth radiation

(c) Convective uplift of warm air

(d) Jet Stream

25-Trade winds are found in which of the following latitudinal belts ?

(a) 5° N to 5° S latitude

(b) 5° N – 30° N and 5° S – 30° S latitude

(c) 30° N to 60° N latitude

(d) 30° S to 60° S latitude


1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(a), 4-(b), 5-(b), 6-(c), 7-(d), 8-(b), 9-(a), 10-(a), 11-(b), 12-(c), 13-(b), 14-(b), 15-(c), 16-(d), 17-(c), 18-(a), 19-(a), 20-(b), 21-(d), 22-(b), 23-(a), 24-(c), 25-(b)