GATE – Multiple Choice Questions –Production and Industrial Engineering

GATE 2008 to 2015 – Multiple Choice Questions with Answers –Production and Industrial Engineering

GATE – 2008 – Production and Industrial Engineering

In inventory cost structure, set up cost is a part of replenishment cost when it

  1. has taken place externally
  2. is dependent on supply conditions
  3. is independent of supply conditions
  4. has taken place internally


Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is associated with

  1. Producer’s risk
  2. Consumer’s risk
  3. Lot tolerance percent defective
  4. Average outgoing quality limit

(Ans: C)


The REL chart is used for

  1. Designing the layout of plants
  2. Estimating the valuation of stock
  3. Analyzing the movement of an item in a store
  4. Maintaining the issue and receipt record

(Ans: A)


Which one of the following is a heat treatment process for surface hardening?

  1. Normalizing
  2. Annealing
  3. Carburizing
  4. Tempering

(Ans: C)


Which pair among the following solid state welding processes uses heat from external source?

P-Diffusion welding; Q-Friction welding; R-Ultrasonic welding; S-Forge welding

  1. P and R
  2. R and S
  3. Q and S
  4. P and S

(Ans: D)


Self locking condition for a pair of square thread screw and nut having coefficient of friction = µ, lead of thread = L and pitch diameter of thread = d is given by

  1. d > L / πµ
  2. d > πµL
  3. d > µL
  4. µ > Ld

(Ans: A)


In hollow cylindrical parts, made by centrifugal casting, the density of the part is

  1. maximum at the outer region
  2. maximum at the inner region
  3. maximum at the mid-point between outer and inner surfaces
  4. uniform throughout

(Ans: A)


Brittle material are machined with tools having zero or negative rake angle because it

  1. results in lower cutting force
  2. improves surface finish
  3. provides adequate strength to cutting tool
  4. results in more accurate dimensions

(Ans: C)


When 0.8% carbon eutectoid steel is slowly cooled from 750°C to room temperature,

  1. austenite transforms to pearlite
  2. pearlite transforms to austenite
  3. austenite transforms to martensite
  4. pearlite transforms to martensite


Which one of the following is a unary operation performed in relational data models?

  1. Cartesian product
  2. Set union
  3. Set difference
  4. Selection

(Ans: D)


The process of tracing through the MRP records and all levels in the product structure to identify how changes in the records of one component will affect the records of other components is known as

  1. Product explosion
  2. Lead time offsetting
  3. Updating
  4. Pegging