MCQ Questions and Answers on General Knowledge

MCQ Questions and Answers on General Knowledge

1-G-8 comprises of

(A) Britain, Canada, America, Russia, Italy, Germany, Pakistan, China

(B) Russia, Italy, Japan, Canada, Britain, America, Germany, France

(C) Vietnam, Britain, Nepal, Bhutan, India, China, Russia, America

(D) Russia, Bangladesh, Canada, America, France, China, Pakistan, India


2-The World Human Rights Day is observed on

(A) 31st December

(B) 12th December

(C) 10th December

(D) 28th December


3-The Following is not a major greenhouse gas?

(A) Nitrous oxide

(B) Methane

(C) Carbon dioxide

(D) Calcium Carbonate


4-Detoxication is

(A) Treatment of AIDS

(B) Treatment of Tobaccoism

(C) Treatment of Alcoholism

(D) Treatment of drugs


5-The following planet has shortest year.

(A) Venus

(B) Saturn

(C) Pluto

(D) Mercury


6-The following country produces the maximum sugar in the world.

(A) Brazil


(C) India

(D) Cuba


7-Orange revolution took place in which of the following country?

(A) Poland

(B) Ukraine

(C) Estonia

(D) Belarus


8-Ochlophobia is

(A) Fear of dream

(B) Fear of loneliness

(C) Fear of crowd

(D) Fear of darkness


9-Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with

(A) Liver

(B) Heart

(C) Kidneys

(D) Brain


10-Jaundice is caused due to malfunctioning of

(A) Heart

(B) Liver

(C) Pancreas

(D) Kidney



1-(B), 2-(C), 3-(D), 4-(C), 5-(D), 6-(A), 7-(B), 8-(C), 9-(D), 10-(B)